News: Automated CNAM / 911 updates

Published: 2020-02-14

We're pleased to announce the immediate availability of CNAM and 911 updates for all subscriber Trunk DIDs. This service is now available to all clients with active SIP Trunk/PBX services in their client portal.

To add/update/delete CNAM and 911 information for a DID:

  1. Click on your "Client Area" first to login.

  2. Once logged-in, select "Services" > "VoIP SIP Trunks"

  3. Click on the appropriate trunk

  4. Select "List DIDs / DID operations"

  5. To the right of the DID you wish to manage, click "CNAM/911"

  6. Update information on the following page as desired

Changes are effective immediately. Note that some carriers may cache inbound CNAM for up to 72 hours, and outbound CallerID settings from your PBX may override this value.