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CNAM / e911 now available via API


Please see updated documentation for details: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vH2y5iXy67UYL68-gRL_qZI_ShpZFhmgKwlb1NR2Yvg/edit?usp=sharing Requires valid + active DID in system. API reflects GUI options. If you have any questions about using the API please email support@incentre.net

Automated Port-in and LNP History


Port-ins and LNP history are now live! Submit and track your port requests under the VoIP Actions tab! New port submissions will be automatically processed and associated with your trunk, and port status updates are available via the LNP History link. This includes most historical ports for your SIP trunk(s).

Automated CNAM / 911 updates


We're pleased to announce the immediate availability of CNAM and 911 updates for all subscriber Trunk DIDs. This service is now available to all clients with active SIP Trunk/PBX services in their client portal. To add/update/delete CNAM and 911 information for a DID: Click on your "Client Area" first to login. Once logged-in, select "Services" > "VoIP SIP Trunks" Click on the ...